International Project Transportation is a type of transportation of cargoes, which are generally heavier than standard cargoes and bulkier than standard sizes, carried out by means of special equipment and vehicles, within the scope of high strategic planning, by taking all risks into consideration, by fulfilling all navigational safety and legal obligations, on a regular basis within the scope of Oversize and Heavy Transport Activities. Additionally, Project Transportation covers the satisfaction of long-term and regular needs for Gauge and Standard Transportation of sustainability-oriented facilities such as Factories and Mines in the field of Production, and Ports and Power Plants in the field of Service, which are generally large-scale, complex and where special requirements are needed.

As SD-C Haulage, we offer the delivery of all kinds of cargo subject to Project Transportation in all our geographically independent service territories by combining a flexible pricing policy and a high level of service quality thanks to our own vehicle and equipment park and close cooperation with our reliable local agents, both through our Direct Road Oversize and Heavy Transport Operations and through our Multimodal Transportation Operations. In large-scale projects, transportation services are often integrated into project management processes. Thanks to its expertise and experience, SD-C Haulage ensures coordination among the stakeholders in the projects it is involved in and makes and implements strategic plans for the transportation of the cargoes subject to the Project Transportation, such as the selection of the most suitable transport equipment, determination of the most suitable loading and fastening methods, fulfilment of the legal obligations for navigation and ensuring the safety of navigation. - These elements generally cover the key issues related to Project Transportation. However, each project is unique and the planning and implementation processes may vary depending on the specific requirements. In all circumstances, SD-C Haulage plays a crucial role in the effective planning and management of transportation processes and the successful completion of projects by handling a range of challenges such as cost-effectiveness, safety, time management, and environmental factors.

Our goals and services we provide in the field of Project Transportation:
• To provide complete Project Transportation Solution Services
• To choose the most suitable equipment and vehicle for the nature of the cargo to be transported
• To determine the tools and equipment to be used for fastening the cargo on the vehicle in accordance with the structure of the cargo to be transported and to carry out the fastening operations
• To support customers with cranes and other equipment for loading and unloading of cargo upon their request and participation
• To support the customers with export and import customs procedures outside the country
• To determine the ideal route for the size and weight of the goods to be transported and to conduct the necessary analyses for this purpose
• To obtain the necessary transportation permits according to the size and categories in all countries on the route
• Route Safety: To make the necessary traffic arrangements with the relevant traffic law enforcement agencies of the respective region on the route (low cable lifting, temporary removal of traffic signs, such as barriers, overhead signs and the like)
• To realize static calculations, bridge and durability analysis
• To arrange the necessary services with regard to Leading Vehicles and Escort Vehicles
These services are organized and rendered one by one by us, SD-C Haulage, and its local sub-agencies in all the countries we serve.