Fair/Exhibition Transport refers to a series of logistics operations including transportation and customs procedures carried out during Fair / Exhibition events organized by local and global industrial production brands in order to introduce/exhibit the machinery they manufacture or the new technology products they develop to target markets.
Although Fair/Exhibition Transport is the need of many different sectors, the products that are generally exhibited in Fairs/Exhibitions often come out as cargoes, which are heavier and more voluminous than standard sizes, and which fall under the category of Oversize Heavy Transport.
SD-C Haulage plans the requests of its customers regarding Fair/Exhibition Transportation to the finest detail and, by managing the entire process, aims to ensure that the exhibitors have a trouble-free Fair/Exhibition experience. Fair/Exhibition Transport is a highly delicate process; it requires serious strategic planning, coordination between the parties and timeliness. SD-C Haulage performs a high level of strategic planning thanks to its expert staff, ensures the necessary coordination between the exhibitor and the organizer of the Fair/Exhibition, and ensures that the product to be exhibited is in the fairground at the required time.

Our goals and services we provide in the field of Fair/Exhibition Transport:
• To provide complete Fair/Exhibition Transport Solution Services
• To choose the most suitable equipment and vehicle for the nature of the cargo to be transported
• To determine the tools and equipment to be used for fastening the cargo on the vehicle in accordance with the structure of the cargo to be transported and to carry out the fastening operations
• To support customers with cranes and other equipment for loading and unloading of cargo upon their request and participation
• To support the customers with temporary export and import customs procedures outside the country
• To determine the ideal route for the size and weight of the goods to be transported and to conduct the necessary analyses for this purpose
• To obtain the necessary transportation permits according to the size and categories in all countries on the route
• Route Safety: To make the necessary traffic arrangements with the relevant traffic law enforcement agencies of the respective region on the route (low cable lifting, temporary removal of traffic signs, such as barriers, overhead signs and the like)
• To realize static calculations, bridge and durability analysis
• To arrange the necessary services with regard to Leading Vehicles and Escort Vehicles
• To be at the Fairground on time and to support the installation process based on the demands of the customer

These services are organized and rendered one by one by us, SD-C Haulage, and its local sub-agencies in all the countries we serve.

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