Oversize and Heavy Transport is a type of transport used to meet the special transport needs of cargoes with a volume greater than LENGTH 13.55m x WIDTH 2.48m x HEIGHT 2.98m and heavier than 22 Tonnes, which are considered as international standard dimensions, due to the fact that they are beyond the standard transport limits. Transportation of cargoes subject to Oversize and Heavy Transport Services occurs as a result of the provision of Qualified Equipment, Strategic Planning and fulfilment of Legal Obligations as a whole. In this context, SD-C Haulage offers high service quality with a complete range of equipment and experienced teams required for international deliveries of cargoes subject to Oversize and Heavy Transport services.

About Oversize and Heavy Transport equipments:

We carry out the transportation of cargoes with a volume of more than LENGTH 13.55m x WIDTH 2.48m x HEIGHT 2.98m and heavier than 22 Tonnes subject to Oversize and Heavy Transport Services by means of specially designed Lowbed, Lowloader and Flatbed Vehicles and equipment, which are capable of carrying more weight than standard vehicles, have steering feature and a greater number of axles, whose loading platform can be extended when necessary, and which are specially tailored in terms of ground clearance height or platform width.

About the Strategic Planning of Oversize and Heavy Transport Services:
Since Oversize and Heavy Transportation Operations are more complicated and have special requirements compared to standard transports, we rely on our years of experience and our local agents in all the countries we serve for the fastest and most efficient way to provide the most reasonable answer to extremely crucial questions such as "What size and weight of a cargo should be loaded on what kind of equipment?", "What should be the fastening method suitable for the structure of the cargo?" and "How can the transportation be carried out from which route in the fastest, safest and most cost-effective way?" and we guide our customers towards the most suitable options. We are carrying out these Oversize and Heavy Transport Operations by ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.

About the Legal Obligations regarding Oversize and Heavy Transport Services:
Oversize and Heavy Transport Turkey Operations are subject to rules and special transportation permits set by National Legislators, Ministries of Transportation, and their General Directorates of Roads in each country. These rules and permits include specific routes for transport, driving hours and other conditions. In each country, it is required to apply the relevant authority for a permit for such transportation operations, specifying the Length x Width x Height of the Loaded Vehicle, and for the transportation to be carried out on a route with infrastructure suitable for the weight of the Loaded Vehicle. And again, taking into account the size of the Loaded Vehicle, for the realization of Oversize and Heavy Transport Operations on a certain route and time period, if the load to be transported and the size of the Loaded Vehicle requires it, said authority issues a permit on the condition that Civilian Pilots and, if necessary, Police Escort Vehicles shall be used for traffic safety purposes during the course of transportation. These permit procedures are evaluated in different categories based on the size and tonnage in each country and are finalized in different time periods in each country. As SD-C Haulage, we manage and conclude these legal permission procedures in the fastest way possible through reliable local agencies in each country and finalize our Oversize and Heavy Transport Operations by having a zero-error approach.
About the Sectors in which we provide Oversize and Heavy Transport Services:
No matter what your cargo is, we offer the safest and most cost-effective Oversize and Heavy Transport Service Solutions. The sectors and cargoes that we receive the most intense demand and carry out transportation are:
• Agricultural Machinery: Tractors, Harvesters, Feed Machines, Harvesting Machines, Grain Silos, Mills
• Steam Boilers, Drying Machines, Refrigeration and Freezing Machines, LNG-CNG Gas Tanks and Oil Tanks
• Transformers and Generators
• Railcars, Locomotives, Rails, Mining Equipment, Wind Power Plant Equipment, Iron and Steel Plates, Steel Blocks and Steel Frames
• Cranes: Tower Cranes, Overhead Cranes, Mobile Cranes
• Construction and Heavy Construction Machinery: Backhoe Loaders, Excavators/Diggers, Breaker Machines, Drilling Machinery
• CNC Machines, Hydraulic Press Machines
• Shipyard Equipment, Yachts and Boats
• Mobile Homes, Residential Containers
• Conveyors, Industrial Air Conditioning Machines, Industrial Ovens
• Reels for Cable and Steel Belts
• Iron, Steel and Fiberglass Pipes
• Rubber Wheeled and Tracked Vehicles
• And other Heavy and Out-of-Gauge Cargo/Industrial Products.

Our Goals and the Services we provide in the field of Oversize and Heavy Transport :
• To provide complete Oversize and Heavy Transport Solution Services
• To choose the most suitable equipment and vehicle for the nature of the cargo to be transported
• To determine the tools and equipment to be used for fastening the cargo on the vehicle in accordance with the structure of the cargo to be transported and to carry out the fastening operations
• To support customers with cranes and other equipment for loading and unloading of cargo upon their request and participation
• To support the customers with export and import customs procedures outside the country
• To determine the ideal route for the size and weight of the goods to be transported and to conduct the necessary analyses for this purpose
• To obtain the necessary transportation permits according to the size and categories in all countries on the route
• Route Safety: To make the necessary traffic arrangements with the relevant traffic law enforcement agencies of the respective region on the route (low cable lifting, temporary removal of traffic signs, such as barriers, overhead signs and the like)
• To realize static calculations, bridge and durability analysis
• To arrange the necessary services with regard to Leading Vehicles and Escort Vehicles
These services are organized and rendered, one by one by us, SD-C Haulage, and its local sub-agencies in all the countries we serve.

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