International Transport, on one hand, refers to the transportation of commercial goods from one country to another, and on the other hand, it is the most widespread and important logistics component that supports global and economic interaction. It contains procedures such as export customs declaration of commercial goods that are purchased/sold between two countries, transit procedures to be realized in the countries on the route and import customs declaration in the country of destination. International Transport can be considered as the cornerstone of global trade and international economic integration for countries.
SD-C Haulage has built a bridge of transportation from Turkey to all European, CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), Scandinavian, Baltic, and Middle Eastern countries on your behalf. Is time or budget more important to you? Or both? No matter what your answer is, we promise you just-in-time delivery with flexible and rich options for all your International Transport needs.
SD-C Haulage assists its customers so that they enjoy all the benefits of international road transportation. Our team of experts has already defined the most suitable routes in all European, CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), Scandinavian, Baltic and Middle Eastern countries. These highly specialized staffs takes into account the individual needs of the customers. And they provide transportation services in full compliance with the agreed terms and conditions at the best prices. Thanks to our vast international agency network and cooperation, we are able to offer a flexible pricing policy and we always maintain our service quality at the highest level.